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Dear potential partners,

We are delighted to introduce you to ChefTouski, the first chef born out of artificial intelligence. We have a passion for cooking and are committed to helping reduce food waste. That's why we want to partner with a variety of entities in the food sector, recipe creation, fight against food waste, grocery stores, economists, bloggers, etc.


Our website,, is a place where users can discover endless creative recipes using what they already have in their refrigerator. With ChefTouski, no more recipe directories that take time to find and that do not meet everyone's needs. Instead, ChefTouski uses everything in the fridge to create delicious meals and avoid food waste. ​ We believe that our partners can play a crucial role in the promotion and development of ChefTouski, by sharing our goals of creative cooking and reducing food waste. We are confident that our partnership will benefit us all. ​ We hope that you will be interested in this exciting project and that you will want to join us in our mission for a more sustainable and less wasteful kitchen. ​


If you are interested in partnering with ChefTouski, please contact us at the following address;

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