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Launch #cheftouski challenges

Take up and make your entourage take up the #cheftouski challenges! Encourage a start-up and help us to spread our tool which, we are convinced, will help people directly and indirectly.


Because food waste has serious impacts for all of us!


The objective of these challenges is to make you easily change your habits in the face of food waste.


Talking about food waste is important because it has multiple and considerable financial and environmental impacts!


However, you can reduce waste easily by planning, using everything and storing your food efficiently. ChefTouski helps you with all these steps!

With ChefTouski, there is no more reason to throw away food and waste time and money.


How is ChefTouski different?

Because we use artificial intelligence in our tools. Which means you have the answers to all your questions! Moreover, our tool free fridge emptying offers tailor-made solutions! Creations for you and your family and according to your needs. We are no longer talking about a repertoire of recipes, but about a tailor-made creation, by a virtual chef, of an infinity of recipes!


This is the difference between ChefTouski and the others.

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